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Mr. Market trembles as Russia invades Ukraine.

What’s AK doing otherwise?

Nicely, I’m attempting various things in Genshin Influence akin to placing totally different characters in a group to see how issues work out for them.

Oh, you imply doing issues otherwise within the inventory market?


I have never executed something.

So, what’s there to say about doing issues otherwise?


If we’re investing in good earnings producing property, there’s actually nothing a lot to fret about.

I can proceed gaming and never have a look at the inventory market for a few years in a row and these property will in all probability nonetheless be producing earnings.

There may be, nonetheless, an enormous “IF.”

If we didn’t make investments with cash we can’t afford to lose which incorporates debt in all its varieties…

Mr. Market may have temper swings and there’s actually no telling why and when these temper swings occur.

When Mr, Market’s temper swings occur, inventory costs often see large strikes.

Plunging costs should not matter to us if we’re invested in good earnings producing property so long as we’re not investing with cash we can’t afford to lose.

Then, there are speculators.

Speculate solely with cash we are able to afford to lose.

If we can’t afford to lose a single cent or don’t love the concept that we may lose cash, do not speculate.

Bear in mind, Mr. Market can keep irrational far longer than we are able to keep solvent.

Bear in mind, do not threat dropping the issues we want for one thing we actually do not want.

Bear in mind, no person cares extra about our cash than we do.

We do not wish to need to liquidate at costs we might often have rejected.

We do not wish to be on the mercy of Mr. Market.

In any case, Mr. Market will not be recognized to be merciful.

When the tide goes out…

So, why am I capable of maintain cool and proceed gaming?

If AK can do it, so are you able to!

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