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The Surprise of Financial Development, Half Deux

Right here’s a hyperlink to the second installment of my OLLI discuss on the marvel of financial progress. I gave it on Wednesday, March 25 and John Crompton has performed an attractive job of filming it and placing it collectively. He went above and past, discovering photos of William Nordhaus, Thomas Carlyle, and others.

Some highlights (occasions are approximate):

0:30: Hans Rosling’s 200 international locations over 200 years in 4 minutes.

5:30: The bizarre method actuaries measure life expectancy.

(One little factor ignored by the videographer as a result of I walked too near the digicam: why the 1918-1919 flu was known as the Spanish flu. It was as a result of Spain was not at warfare and so its authorities didn’t censor. President Wilson had tried to cowl it up.)

7:00: Julian Simon and Ted Baxter on inhabitants.

9:20: The test. “Honey, you misplaced the wager; ship him the rattling test and should you don’t, I’ll.”

10:30: How he will get it proper after which blows it.

14:00: Andrew Yang’s UBI.

15:00: Homeless and housing.

16:30: Who positive factors from expertise?

18:00: Yaron Brook on who positive factors from the iPhone.

18:40: Main decline in Hispanic and black poverty through the Trump years.

22:50: Air pollution. Environmental high quality is a traditional good. The EPA did some good issues.

25:00: The reality about Love Canal.

26:30: The New Historical past of Capitalism and slavery.

28:30: The referee course of for educational journals.

30:00: Greed and Milton Friedman.

32:50: Phil Donahue lets him discuss.

34:10: Revenue inequality.

36:20: Revenue mobility.

37:10: Raj Chetty’s bait and swap.

39:40: My 4-minute video on good and dangerous inequality.

44:40: How a lot will world warming harm the financial system?

45:45: Just a little math.

49:40: Water: enable desal.

51:00: The essential quantity: the elasticity of demand for housing.

52:00: Find out how to cope with overcrowding of cities.

53:45: The position of entertainers and athletes within the financial system.

55:20: Steph Curry.

55:40: How Draymond Inexperienced jogs my memory of Donald Trump.

56:20: Economics as a dismal science.

Notice: The image on the high is of the test that Anne Ehrlich wrote to pay Julian Simon for successful the wager in opposition to her husband.



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